6 Great Camper Vans and CLASS B Motorhomes with BATHROOMS !

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6 Great Camper Vans and CLASS B Motorhomes with BATHROOMS !

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In this video, we will explore a number of exciting and useful car camping inventions. We witness experts modifying various vehicles from around the globe, adding useful and innovative inventions that we should all take a look at! Constantly evolving and updating, the automobile industry shows how it’s keeping up with times and allows us to witness new ideas and gadgets that will change the way you travel.


+ Sunliner RV’s : https://www.sunliner.com.au/

+ Jayco Canterbury : https://www.jaycocanterbury.co.nz/

+ Lichtsinn RV : https://www.lichtsinn.com/

+ Bish’s RV Demos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-yZbFZ1mcNnbIgeNjmfAQ

+ American Coach Patriot MD4 : https://www.americancoach.com/models/patriot-2021

+ 2021 Swift Select 184 : https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/motorhomes/swift-select/



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